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Junmaiginjo Migaki55


Manufacturer reference retail price
720㎖ ¥1,518(tax included)

Junmai Ginjo, which has just been squeezed in the spring, is bottled, rapidly cooled, and stored in the bottle in a quiet warehouse for the summer.
The sake that has been bottled and aged has become a mellow junmai ginjo with a calm and well-balanced edge.
The deep umami flavor and pleasant lingering finish complement the unique taste of autumn.

<raw materials> Rice (domestic), Jiuqu (domestic rice)
<Alcohol degree> 15%  <Rice polishing rate>55%

Sweet          spicy
Rich          light

Temperature zone
50~55℃ 40~45℃ 15℃~20℃ 10℃~15℃ 5℃~10℃ 0℃~5℃


Hanaharu's commitment

"The more you drink" and "the more you get drunk" sake that invites you to a peaceful mood
Since its founding in 1718 (Kyoho 3rd year), we have pursued "gentle fragrance, soft mouthfeel, clean taste, and good throat", and we have polished local Aizu rice in-house and brewed sake rooted in Aizu.

Company Profile

Company Profile

  "The goodness of Aizu is the goodness of sake."
Surrounded by mountains on all sides, the Aizu region has four seasons: spring when flowers bloom all at once, hot and humid summer, beautiful autumn with autumn leaves, and cold and snowy winter.


Product list

It's a thought that's packed in a bottle.
It is a sake that has been carefully nurtured so that it can be praised for its delicious taste, so that it can be fun and bring smiles to people's faces.
It is the traditional taste of Hanaharu, which has been delivered tens of thousands of times.



We received high evaluation all over the world.
It has received high acclaim in numerous domestic and international competitions. We would like to introduce the brilliant award-winning history of Hanaharu Brewery.